Methods Used In Controling Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a natural activity that is caused by some natural factors such as by the wind, the rain, and the gravity. However, the erosion of soil in the environment had made worsen because of some human activities.

People used to cut timbers; people used land and cultivate the soil to grow crops, still others used land areas for several purposes. With these activities, soil erosion had been worsening since some elements in the soil such as the roots of trees and grasses had been missing.

There are certain methods or ways in controlling soil erosion. These methods or ways are

Reforestation, Growing Grass or Planting Vegetables, Contour Plowing and Terracing, Planting Trees around Farmlands, Strip Cropping and Crop Rotation.

Reforestation is the way of planting tress as replacements to the trees that were burned or cut. In this way, soil erosion could be prevented because trees reduce the amount of the flowing waters. The roots of the trees have the capability to absorb waters from the ground as well as the roots can hold the soil together.

Growing some grass or planting vegetables and other plants might also help in controlling erosion on soil. There are unused lots or areas somewhere and it would be beneficial if people will plant vegetables or plants or just allowing the plants to grow. The roots of the

plants and grasses will somehow help in preventing soil erosion.

Contour plowing and terracing are also effective methods in controlling erosion. Contour plowing is a way of cultivating land along curved lines that are going around a hill at a fixed level. With this method, the run off soil as well as water from the land will slows down. Terracing prevents the water from moving down the hill. It keeps the water on the hillside as the water is absorbed and does not flow directly down hill.

Planting tress around the farmland protects the farm from the strong winds. The land or soils in the farm could be carried slowly by strong winds. The presence of strong winds from the farm could help break the winds as well as it could help in blocking the soil as it washed away by the possible flood or rain.

Crop rotation is another method in preventing soil erosion. This is done by growing different kinds of crops in different times. The process of crop rotation could add residue to the soil and this could help the soil particles stick together. When there are large soil particles there will be less soil that could be eroded.

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