The Different Types Of Constitution

The Laws in the land is governed by a constitution; it is a written instrument in which the fundamental powers of the government to govern are established, defined, as well as limited. It is also written in the constitution how the powers are being distributed among the several departments of the government.

The constitution is a written charter that are enacted as well as adopted by the people in a particular state. The Laws on the land should be guided on what was being written in the constitution. The policies of the government should also be in accordance with the

constitution so that any action will not be lead unto constitutional crisis.

A constitutional crisis is an event where in a particular part of a constitution is or are not being followed in accordance with the policies or actions taken by the authorities.

There are different types of Constitution; these are the Written Constitution, the Unwritten Constitution, the Conventional or Enacted Constitution, the Cumulative or Evolve Constitution, the Rigid or Inelastic Constitution and the Flexible or Elastic Constitution. All of the above mentioned constitutions have their different features and characteristics.

The Written Constitution is the constitution where the provisions are all contained in a single document.

The Unwritten Constitution is the constitution where the provisions are not contained in a single document. The provisions are written in different

documents that are considered as part of the land’s fundamental law. This constitution can also be considered as an Un-compiled constitution.

The Conventional of Enacted Constitution is the constitution that was created through a constitutional convention; this convention is called to be able to draft the constitution.

The Cumulative or Evolve Constitution is the constitution that is developed as a part of the history of a particular nation; it was not created through a national convention.

The Rigid or Inelastic Constitution is the kind of constitution that cannot be easily amended. However, if the constitution itself provides that particular amendment, then it could be possible to amend the constitution.

The Flexible or Elastic Constitution is the kind of constitution that can be easily be changed.

The constitution is both important for the people and the state. For the people, the constitution provides their social protection wherein their right and privileges as citizens of a particular country is stated. For the state, the constitution serves as the backbone of the system of governance. Stated in the constitution is how the state should take action to govern and protect its citizens.

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