The Different Stages Of Human Development

Human undergoes different stages of development. It a series of developments of the physical, social, psychological, intellectual, emotional and other attributes of man.

There are different stages of these development; these are the Pre-natal Stage, the Infancy or Babyhood Stage, the Early Childhood Stage, the Late Childhood Stage, the Adolescence Stage, the Early Adulthood Stage and the Old age Stage.

The Pre-Natal stage starts in the conception wherein the ovum is fertilized by the spermatozoon. The fertilization will eventually produce a fertilized egg. It will continue to develop until the time of birth.

The Infancy or Babyhood stage happens from the birth up

to two years of age. This stage is considered as the foundation age in which behavior pattern are organized. This is also the stage in where the ontogenetic skills emerge.

The Early Childhood stage happens from two up to six years of age. This stage is considered as the exploration, questioning as well as the Pre-gang stage. The initial socialization is also experienced in this stage as well as the child’s elementary reasoning is developed.

The Late Childhood stage happens from six up to twelve years of age. This stage is considered as the gang age and the development of social life. Here, the creativity of a child started to show as well as the child’s skills

in play and in school. Self-help is also established.

The Adolescence stage happens from thirteen up to nineteen years of age. The Adolescence is considered as the transition stage between the childhood and adulthood stage. In this stage, the sex maturation happens and physical developments rapidly occur; the individual feels, think and act differently.

The Early Adulthood stage happens from nineteen to forty years of age. This stage is the adjustment to the new patterns of life. Here, and individual adjusts to the new way of living as he or she has its own role to play such as being a parent, being a spouse or being in a high position in society and other else.

The Middle Age stage happens between the ages of forty up to the retirement. This stage in life is the transition stage and physical adjustment stage. In here, an individual may experience initial decline of physical and mental attributes.

The Old Age stage happens from the retirement to death. In this stage, an individual could experience rapid physical and mental decline as well as psychological and physical illnesses might be experienced.

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