The Different Scientific Attitudes

An attitude can be defined as a way of regarding things; it can also be considered as a feeling or pattern of thoughts. The scientific attitude on the other hand can be defined as a way of looking into things that are governed by facts which are known as well as demonstrative.

There are certain attitudes that should be considered to be a successful scientist. These are the curiosity, the careful judgment, the open-mindedness, the critical mindedness, the objectivity, the rationality and the intellectual honesty. These attitudes should be considered by any aspiring scientist.

Curiosity is an attitude to be curious about

the different things around. A curios individual wants to know about what is a particular thing all about, what is it for, how it is done, how it works and other else. He or she seeks for the answers of the things that he or she want to understand.

Careful judgment is an attitude of being willing to suspend judgment in anything till it is proven to be true. An individual who posses this character does not jump to a conclusion and bases the judgment on the facts as well as on the reliable information.

Open-mindedness is an attitude in which an individual does not reject any knowledge that conflict with his or her

idea. His or her mind is free from any prejudice and is not biased. Here, an individual might accepts ideas from other person and consider these ideas as potentials than can help in doing any work or in solving scientific problems.

Critical mindedness is an attitude of an individual that is willing to evaluate any evidence that is presented in order to support a certain conclusion; with this he or she observes the accuracy of any information. Here, an individual should always make sure and always examine anything and aims for perfection.

Objectivity is an attitude of an individual that records data and observations. He or she tends to interpret these data prior to the actual observations and experimentation that was made as well as verifies the observation’s consistency.

Rationality is an attitude of an individual that believes that things happen with a cause. He or she does not believe in the superstitious belief rather’ he or she accepts facts but only with supported as well as convincing proofs.

Intellectual honesty is an attitude where one should be truthful by for example acknowledging the sources of information.

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