The Basic Functions Of The Family

It is an important consideration for anybody to grow up with a family. The family provides an individual with the physical needs, social needs, emotional needs, as well as other needs as he or she grows up. There are certain things in which the presence of the family is very much important to be considered; some of these things are necessary for the development of an individual.

The family is responsible for the reproduction of the race. The members of the family grow in number as newly born members come. It does not only responsible for the reproduction of the race

rather; this institution is also responsible for the rearing of the young ones.

The family is responsible for its member’s cultural transmission or enculturation. It is in the family where we learn first the cultures of the society where we belong. It is here where the first do’s and don’ts where instructed. The family serves as the first teacher that is anchored with culture that eventually molded the behavior pattern of the individual.

As a unit of society, it is in the family where the individual first socialize. Before having to socialize with the outside world, an individual has already socialized with all the family members. Here, he/she learn socially with the influence of the members of the family.

The family also provides

affection and a sense of security; socially and emotionally, an individual needs something in where he/she belong with. The presence of the family provides affection as well a sense of security where in an individual feels comfortable and secure against social or emotional circumstances.

The family also provides the environment with the personality development of the individual as well as on its self-concept in relation to other people. With the guidance of the family the personality of an individual develops. His/her way of self/concept to other people also grows positively.

The presence of the family also provides a social status for anyone. Your social status as an individual is also affected with the social status of your family. Thus, an individual’s family provides him or her with a social status in the community.

Troubles come when relationship in the family breaks, which could eventually lead to broken homes. This could lead into having children without complete family to grow up with. However, even single parent can provide with these needs. What is important is that as much as possible, the basic functions of what family offered are being catered.

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