The Behavioral And Material Components Of Culture

Cultures have different components namely; the communication component, cognitive component, behavioral component and material component. Every component has its own part in the existence of a particular culture.

The behavioral components show how we act as define by our culture. Norms are one of the things that affect the society’s behavioral component.

The norms are the rules as well as expectations of the society to its members. Through norms the people that belong to a particular culture are guided by the society.

There are different types of norms namely; the Mores, the Laws, the Folkways and the Rituals. All these norms differ from

one another in some aspects.

Mores are the customary behavior patterns or folkways which have taken in a moralistic value. Examples of norms are the respect for authority, the marriage and sex behavior pattern, the religious rituals as well as other basic codes of human behavior.

Mores are further considered as an essential element to the existence of a group. The people that violate the mores are considered by many as unfit and not good for the society; they may be ostracized as well as punished to show warning to others.

Laws are considered as the most formal as well as important norms. These norms are translated into legal formalization. Implemented and should be obeyed not only by

the members of the society but also by the visitors who are required to obey.

Folkways are organized and repetitive behavior patterns of the society; these are simply the way how people do things. These are commonly known as customs.

Rituals are the highly scripted ceremonies that follow a sequence of actions. Examples of rituals are the ceremonies such as baptism, graduation, funerals, birthdays or weddings; holidays such as thanksgiving and Christmas; everyday public rituals such as handshakes, greetings and kissing; bonding rituals such as exchanging greeting cards, holding hands, parties and gift giving and signal rituals such as eye contact, choosing the menu in the restaurant, holding the door and many other else.

The Material components are the things and objects that human create. These objects were created either for practical or artistic reasons. These objects are expressions of culture and culturally-defined behavior. The material components express the value of the culture.

The material culture in a given society showcases that society’s level of technology, the resources that are available as well as the needs of the people on that particular time.

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