Ethics And Its Relation To Law, Education, Politics, Art And Religion

Ethics is in one way or another related to other aspects of human society namely the Law, Education, Politics, Art and Religion.

Ethics is somehow related to Law because it deals with the right and the wrong or the good and the bad in human actions. The Law on the other hand is concerned about how the rule or rules are being followed or violated, hence Ethics acts to influence man’s mental judgment to follow certain law.

Ethics tells about what is moral while law tells about what is legal. Moral and legal are related but however there are striking differences

on these.

What is legal only covers the external acts of man while what is moral covers even the internal acts of man. What is moral affects the intentional activities of the will and mind.

A certain act could be morally wrong but not legally or criminally guilty. Meanwhile, even though it is illegal as far as the law is concern, from the moral viewpoint, it still morally wrong and is subject for moral guilt.

An example is thinking or planning to do a crime or a sin in the mind. The sin or crime here happens only in the mind, but even though the sin or crime here committed only in the act of thinking and planning, still an individual is morally liable and subject for moral guilt.

Ethics is somehow related to the field of Education. Education intends to developed man in his moral, intellectual and physical aspects. Education is not only concerned about mans development in knowledge acquisition or in the aspect of physical development but rather,it is also concerned on teaching humans with ethics and morality.

Ethics is somehow related to Politics. We all know that the government is

established to provide good governance for the temporal welfare of the citizens. The citizens or the humans does not only need material things but spiritual things as well as we believe these two are present in man’s state of existence. Politics can only be considered as dirty when it is divorced or separated from ethics.

Ethics is somehow related to the Arts. As Ethics stands for the moral goodness and Art stands for beauty these two are united. Moral goodness and beauty is one in purpose, it shows what is good. It is only conflicting when a piece of an Art is found to be offensive with the moral standards. In here, it must be considered that both Ethics and art have the same in purpose that is; to arouse and inspire the noble of man. A work of Art should not be offensive to ethics. If a piece of an Art arouses the baser impulses of man, the purpose of the Art is not properly delivered.

Ethics is somehow related to Religion. It was being considered that among the several social aspects of human humans, Ethics and Religion have the closest relation. Ethics and Religion have both based on the same postulates. Ethics and religion both have the same purpose or ends as well as both prescribes almost the same means for attaining their goal.

Ethics concerns about the right act of man and Religion teaches its a followers to the right and what is good accordingly.

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