The Importance Of Dogs To Humans

What would be the reason why dogs were being domesticated by humans? In the early times, ancient people use to live in camps. They learn to domesticate the dogs because of the several benefits that they can get from doing it. The dogs would alert them in times that there will be some predators or strangers near their camp.

Dogs where also used in hunting. Because of their sensitive smell, they can easily determine the location of the target, thus making them significant in hunting activities of the early people. The success in hunting with the presence of the dog is

often considered as the main reason why dogs where being domesticated.

This was supported by the study conducted on 2004, wherein a group of hunters with and without a dog used to conduct hunting activities. The study supports that the benefit of cooperative hunting between humans and dogs might have been the important factor why the dogs where domesticated.

It was said that the most widespread form of bonding that occurs with inter-species occurs between the humans and the dogs. After the World War II, the population of the dogs had grown, currently, there are about 400 million dogs worldwide.

Dogs as pets serves and act as guards, children’s playmate or a walking companion. Today, there are many changes on the roles of dogs an done of these is as an emotional support to the owner.

It seems that people and dogs have become integrated and implicated with each other.

Today, there are range of commodities that are available to transform a pet dog into an ideal day to day companion. These products includes perfumes, couture, furniture and housing, dog groomers, therapist,dog trainer and dog care taker, dog cafes, spas, parks, and beaches, dog hotels and cemetery.

Dog’s earned the nickname ” man’s best friend ” because they work for humans in so many ways. They are used in herding live stocks, in hunting, in rodent control, in guarding, in helping fisherman with their nets, in pulling loads or as a companion.

They also serves as guide dogs, utility dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs. Some other dogs provide assistance to individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

The owners of the dogs sometimes enter their dogs into the competitions. These competitions includes breed conformation shows or sports such as racing and sledding.

Conformation shows also referred to as breed shows, in this competition, a judge that is familiar with the specific breed evaluates individual pure breed dogs with the established breed type as described in the breed standard for conformity.

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