Narration Type Of Composition; Classification And Elements

There are many kinds of composition and one of these is the narration composition.

The narration is a kind of composition in which the events either it is an imagined events or a real one is recounted. In here, the events are presented according to the order of their occurrence or arrange according to the order of time.

The two general classification of narration are the objective narration also called as the narration of fact and the subjective narration also called as the purely imaginative narration.

The first one is the objective narration or the narration of fact. This is the kind of

narration that controls the narrative composition. This kind of narrative composition really happened in the actual or real life (also termed as non-fiction).

The second one is the subjective narration or the purely imaginative narration. In this type of narration, the writer is the one who controls the narration process. This kind of narrative composition tells events or stories from the writer’s mind or imaginative (also termed as fiction).

In every narrative composition, there are three elements that are being considered. These are the setting, the characters and the action or the plot.

The setting is the place or places where the events are told to be happened. The narrative must happen somewhere and in this

place or places the events or actions in the narrative are set.

The characters in the narrative are the actors or the people in the story that use to have their definite personalities.

The action or the plot is the event or series of related events involving the characters in the narrative. The actions or plots are indeed in the part of the narration called as climax.

Compositions come in different styles of presenting ideas to the readers; the narration composition uses the style of presenting the ideas in the sequence of events. In here, the writer tells the readers what happened by narrating or showing the events from one event going to another.

In this type of composition the writer should consider the objectives of making the readers understand without losing the flow of the events.

It should be composed in a way that the readers could be able to understand what happened in the single event before going to the next event. In the finale of the composition, the final idea should sum up the entire idea of the composition.

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