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The Effects of Electricity
Published By varron on 2010-11-26 781 Views

Electricity or electrical energy cannot be seen, but we can be able to felt its presence because of its many effects in our day to day living. Four of the major effects of electricity are the magnetic effect, heating effect, chemical effect, and electrical effect or electrical shock.

Magnetic effects occurs in some devices such as door bells and buzzers. This devices create sounds because of the magnetic effect. They have electromagnets inside. The electromagnets will turn into an artificial magnet that will hammer to vibrate and strike the bell and produced sounds, once connected to any source of electricity.

Heating effect can be done in many ways such as when electricity passes through metallic wires with high resistance, this metals becomes hot and glow. Example of this metals are platinum and tungsten. They offer resistance to the passage of electricity. Once applied with electric current, they become hot and the electricity produced glow as well as light.

Electrical energy can produced chemical effect that can be used in many cases such as plating a layer of thin metal to another metal. The process is called electroplating. Some of household instrument, kitchen utensils and many others undergoes electroplating process.

Another major electrical effect is the electric shock. It is the sudden stimulation of the nerves and convulsive contraction of the muscles. This is done by discharging electricity to the body, but in the level in which voltage is not much harmful.

It is used as a medical therapy such as electrocomvulsive therapy for psychiatric or mental illness as well as for the treatment of irregular heart rhythms.


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