Harmful Effects On The Ecosystem Due To Human Activities

The environment becomes polluted because of some of human activities which produce much waste or pollutants. Environmental pollution pollutes some parts of our land water and air and because of these our planet is now in danger.

Improper disposal of waste is one of the causes of the land pollution as well as the existence of non-biodegradable materials in our environment. Another thing is the existence of the open dump sites. These areas become the breeding grounds for the rats and flies as well as of some harmful microorganisms.

Land pollution might also be a cause of the use of fertilizers and

mining. The application of fertilizers might damage the land. The soils will eventually losses some of its nutrients as the fertilizer will limit the decomposer’s ability to break some waste in the soil. Mining also contributes in the pollution of the land. Some chemicals use for mining such as the mercury pollutes not only the land but the water as well. Eventually, when the land is polluted, the cycle of the nutrient in the environment may be disrupted.

Water pollution is brought by chemicals that go into the bodies of water such as lakes, swamps, rivers and the sea. Detergents for washing clothes as well as chemicals from industrial waste are

just few factors that pollute our waters. Improper disposal of waste particularly of those wastes that are non-biodegradable also contributes to these. Some of our canals and other water ways are dumped with non-biodegradable materials usually made with plastics.

Air pollution is cause primarily by smokes from industrial factories, vehicles and cigarettes. These smokes contains chemical that sometimes endangers ones health. The contamination brought by this smokes affects us particularly our lungs.

Another concern is the existence of green house effect and acid rain.

Greenhouse effect becomes possible as the burning of fuels releases more carbon dioxide to the air greater than what the forest can recycle. When the air has too much carbon dioxide, the heat will be trapped. When this happen, the heat that enters the earth cannot escape into space; the air become warmer and this is called as the green house effect.

The chemicals that are released by some industrial factories, motor vehicles and others will eventually make the rain water acidic. Acid rain could damage some buildings and statues as well as it can kill some plants and animals in the land and water.

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