The Muscles Of The Human Body

The human body is made up of different muscles. Aside from it many uses, muscles are important since they cover the human’s internal organs from the inside. There are muscles in which human has the capacity to control in order to move while there are muscles that move on its own.

Every movement of our body is caused by the muscles. There are different muscles that we have in the body and they have minimal differences. Some of these muscles can be controlled while the other muscles cannot be controlled.

The muscles that can be controlled are called as the voluntary muscles.

These are the muscles in which movements are controlled. The muscles that cannot be controlled are called as the involuntary muscles. The involuntary muscles are those muscles that need not to be controlled in order for them to move. They have their own movements; they move on their own even when an individual is unconscious.

Muscles in the arms and in the legs belong to the category of the voluntary muscles. They can be controlled by humans for any possible movements they wish. The muscles in the heart and the stomach belong to the involuntary’ these muscles have their own movement inside the body and they don not need to be controlled.


are group together according to the places where they can be found inside the human body. By to its location inside the body, muscles are group into three; the visceral muscles, the cardiac muscles and the skeletal muscles.

The visceral muscles are those muscles that can be found in the walls of the internal organs such as the stomach, the intestine, the blood vessels and the bladder. Visceral muscles can mostly be found in this part of the body.

The cardiac muscles are those muscles that can be found in the walls of the heart.

The skeletal muscles are those muscles that are responsible for skeletal movements in the body. Examples of these muscles are the biceps and the triceps; they are long muscles, cylinders in their shaped and striated. They make skeletal movement possible and with this, it is possible for humans to move.

Because our body is made up of muscles it is very important to have them healthy. Having a daily exercise makes the muscles in the body strong. Proper diet as well as enough rest is also factor to maintain healthy muscles.

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