The Elements Of The Teaching And Learning Process

Teaching and learning involves the process of transferring knowledge from the one who is giving to the one who is receiving. Teaching process cannot be performed if there is one element that is missing among the three of the teaching and learning elements.

There is what we called as elements of teaching and learning processes. These elements are necessary to be able to make teaching and learning possible. Without one of these elements, there could be no real teaching or learning process that will exist. It is so important that the presence of these elements is present in the

process of teaching, considering that all of them play an important role in the system

The elements of teaching and learning process are the teacher, the leaner as well as the good learning environment. It is being considered that learning occur when there is established relationship among these three elements. The teaching as well as the learning activity depends upon how these elements works together.

The teacher is considered as the element that has the main role in the teaching-learning process. He/she is considered as the so-called prime mover of the educational processes, thus he she directs the flow of the whole process. The teacher is the one that facilitates the whole process of leaning. He or she directs its flow

and serve as main control of the teaching learning process.

The learners are considered as the key participant in the teaching and learning process. They are considered as the primary subject or the main reason why the process is implemented. The knowledge that acquired by the learners will decide if the teaching and learning objectives are achieved. Learners vary from one another in the aspects of learning. There are those learners that learn fast while there are those learners that learn in average or slower.

The favorable environment, participates in the teaching-learning process by providing a place where there is a smooth flow of communication, avoiding some common barriers between the teacher and the learner. The presence of a good environment is so much important in the teaching and learning process. The good environment provides a smooth flow of communication between the learners and the teachers, thus it facilitates a well executed teaching and learning process. A good environment is necessary for learning. The reason why we should make sure that we should have this kind of environment, as we teach or we learn.

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