The Nature And The Definition Of Psychology

There are different fields in science and one of these sciences is the science of Psychology. Psychology is named to be as the science that is concerned about the study of the human behavior. It is all about the study of what the people is doing, how they are doing it and explains why they are doing it.

Psychology further investigate and try to explain different kinds of problems such as individual differences in intelligence and personality, frustration as well as conflicts, the acquisition of knowledge as well as learning, the group behavior as well as in the diagnosis and

treatment or behavior disorders.

The study of psychology is a scientific study. Like the other field of science, the study of psychology deals with observation, collection and classification of the gathered data. It also involve hypothesis testing through experimentations as well as it establish general laws or conclusions.

There are certain behaviors that primarily involves in dealing with psychology. Involves in the study of psychology are overt or extrinsic behaviors and covert or intrinsic behaviors. An overt or an extrinsic behaviors are defined here as those behaviors that are observed by the people around. The examples of the overt or extrinsic behaviors are things like, laughing or the way an individual laugh, walking or the way

an individual walk, eating, crying or singing and many else.

The covert or intrinsic behaviors on the other hand are defined here as those behaviors that are determined or known only to the individual in particular who experience them. Examples of these behaviors are the increase or the decrease in the individual’s impulse rate, the contraction of his or her stomach when he or she feels hunger, the secretion of adrenalin when there is an emotional stress as well as the beating of his or her heart.

The Psychological studies branched out to different categories. These categories are the Physiological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Differential Psychology, Educational Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Vocational Psychology, Legal Psychology, Human Relation, Mental Hygiene and Engineering Psychology.

The study of psychology is very important like other fields of sciences. It can also be used in dealing with the other sciences as well as in other field of studies. Psychology can be applied in the science of Sociology, in the field of History, in the field of Economics, in the field of Physiology, in the field of Biology and many other else.

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