What Are The Different Physiological Drives Or Motives?

There are different physiological drives or motives that are inborn and present at birth. These drives are hunger, thirst, oxygen need, sleep and rest,avoidance of pain, elimination drive, sex drive and warmth and cold drive.

Hunger is a powerful physiological motive. This happen when the blood level of glucose or sugar falls below a certain point. The body need to restore it making the stomach hungry for food.

Thirst happens when the level of water inside the body decreases. The mouth and the throat tissues become dry and the nerve endings in the tissues are stimulated.

Oxygen need is more powerful than

hunger and thirst drive for no one can ever live without an oxygen. Deprivation from oxygen for an amount of time may cause severe brain damage. It can impair memory, make the sense to function poorly as will as it lead to paralysis.

Sleep and Rest is another drive, the need for sleep and rest varies individually. Deprivation from sleep and rest will cause physiological as well as psychological disturbances such as having a short attention span and poor motor coordination. Further deprivation from sleep and rest may result to loss of emotional control, sensory disorientation or hallucinations. However, these symptoms will disappear when normal sleep and rest is taken.

The Avoidance of Pain is another physiological drive that an individual does whenever he/she feels

pain. The pain is considered as a warning by the nervous system that there is something biologically damaging occur in a particular part of the body.

The Elimination Drive is the drive or motives through which the body eliminates its waste from the inside. The organs in the body; the bowels and the bladder in particular tends to stimulate the drive to excrete the waste.

The Maternal Drive is the intense motivation to care for the children. It is exercise mostly by mothers which includes spending vast amount of time to their children, caring them and providing them with anything they need.

Sex drive is another physiological drive which is similar to maternal drive considering that they are essential to individual survival. With out sexual drive there will be no reproduction that will take place in any species. However a specie can live without sexual activity even throughout the entire life without having negative physiological effect.

The Warmth and Cold drive means the need to be comfortable with the temperature in the environment. This drive varies from individual to individual considering that different bodies feels good in different desirable temperature.

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