The Star; Its Sizes Brightness Color And Temperature

There are thousands of twinkling light in the sky, every time you look on a
clear night. These are the stars, huge balls of bright hot gases scattered in
our universe.

The stars come in different sizes, there are dwarf, medium, giant super giant.
The sun in the solar system used to be a medium star. It only appears big
because it is located near on the planet Earth. The brightness on the stars
depends upon its distance and location from the observer. This brightness is
called as apparent brightness.

There are large and bright stars, these stars are

called as the giant stars or
the super giant stars.

Experts and scientist believes that the sizes of the stars colors depend upon
their temperature or their hotness. Our sun is yellowish star. The coolest
believed to be in deep orange or red in color while the very hot

stars are
bluish-white. The brightest of the star is called as magnitude. The faintest
stars that can be seen in on humans naked eye belongs to the 6th magnitude.

The brightest star belongs to the first magnitude or zero and up to the negative

Its brightness depends upon their location or distance called as the apparent
magnitude as well as the actual amount of the light produced also as the
absolute magnitude.

The light-year is the unit used to express the distance of the stars. It is
the distance that traveled by light in one year period. This speed is about 10
trillion kilometers or 6 trillion miles.

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