How We Release Energy From The Foods We Eat

Our body needs energy in order fo us to do work. We get this energy from the foods that we eat.The food we eat was change into tiny molecules of nutrients. This is done through the process of digestion, digestion is a process in which the mouth, the stomach and the small intestine breaks and digest the food. The nutrients, like the red blood cells passes through the blood and float into the plasma. After, this the nutrients get into the cells just like the oxygen and this will go through the walls of the capillaries in our body.


nutrients comes in the form of sugars. The cells in our body now use oxygen to break down this sugars into carbon dioxide and water. In the times that the cells break down sugars, the cells release energy from the sugars. Then,
the cells now store the energy so that this energy can be used in the future time when the energy is needed. All the energy that our body uses everyday is made in this way.

The cells in our body uses oxygen to get energy from the food. In order to keep the human body warm, the cells use this energy. When the human body gets cold our cells releases extra energy and makes the body warm.

The cells make use of this energy in order for them to grow, in order for then to divide, in order for them to fix damage and to do special jobs.This is the process in which the energy from food are extracted and use by our body

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