Facts About The Manobo Tribe In The Philippines

The origins of the Manobo tribe can be traced way back in the early times from the migration of the early Malay people of South East Asia to the Philippine Islands.

Historians often associate the origin of this indigenous group to the group of people who settled the archipelago long time ago. This group of people came from the neighboring countries in South East Asia.The first batch came in the islands as they look for temporary settlement traveling through land bridges as the Philippines is believed to be connected in the mainland Asia before (ice age). Early batches settled in the

Philippines came from any were in south Asia with there marine vessels.

The Manobo people was classified into eight groups but they are very much similar differing only in some aspects of culture and language. The Eight groups are the; Cotabato Manobo, Agusan

Manobo, Matig Salug Manobo, Obo Manobo, Dibabawon Manobo, Sarangani Manobo, Manobo of Western Bukidnon and Tagabawa Manobo.

The Manobo is discribe sometimes according to their political or landform division. Manobo living in Sarangani Province can be called as Sarangani Manobo as well as those who near the Agusan River can be called as Agusan Manobo.

The Manobo people usually engage in farming and agriculture for they live in the rural areas of Mindanao. This group is male dominated. The husband is considered as the head of the family and he is the one who made family decisions. Polygamy is being exercise except in some groups where polygamy is performed only by the royal blood like a powerful Datu or a Sultan (chieftain or headmen).

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