Different Styles Of Serving The Ball In Volleyball

The concept of the term “volley” means hitting the ball on the fly; the objective of the volleyball game is to volley the ball back and forth over the net. This is done without touching the floor or the ground.

The volleyball game starts as one of the players in the other side serves the ball over the net behind the baseline going to their opponents’ side. The ball should be returned by their opponent with a maximum passes of three.

In the case that the players are failure to return the ball to their opponent (going to the serving team), there

will be lose of serve and there will be point counted in favor of the serving team.

In order to play volleyball well, one should know the basic skills of serving, passing and spiking the ball. Discussed below are the different kinds of serving styles in the game of volleyball.


There are three kinds of serving; the underhand serve, the overhead serve and the sidearm serve.

In the underhand serve, the server should face the net; one of the players foot should be in forward or in stride position and the body should bent slightly forward.

The ball should be on the servers’ palm in one of the players hands held about the waist level.

Upon the signal of the whistle, the server should swing the other arm backward and then

brings it forward hitting the ball as simultaneously the other hand releases the ball.

It is important to use the heel of the palm in hitting the ball; this could either in an open hand or in a close fist.

In the overhead serve, the server is in the position same with the position taken in the underhand serve. The difference between these two styles of serves is the hitting of the ball.

In the overhead serve, the ball should be tossed above the head level of the server and then hitting the ball with the arm towards the opponents’ side.

In the sidearm serve, the one side of the player that is going to serve the ball should be turned towards the net or to the opponents’ side. The ball should rest on one palm. The arms of the server should be stretched or half stretched at the level of the shoulder.

After having this prepared position, the server should toss the ball to the air and then the other arms hit the ball, following through parallel to the floor or to the ground.

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