The Different Social Institution In Society

There are different social institution in society. All of these institutions play an important role in every individual's development as a social being. These societies are the family, the church, the government, the school and the economic institutions.

The family is considered as the basic unit of society. It is also considered as the society's oldest foundation. Accordingly, whatever happens to the family affects the society in general.

The church is the social institution whose basic function is to impart as well as install moral and religious principles. The church is considered as a universal phenomenon in the social life. It is

also considered as a part of the cultural system.

The government is the social institution that is responsible in enacting laws, rules as well as other

ordinances that promotes the peoples safety, peace and order, health, moral and others. It is a machinery that implements the goals and the objectives of the state in promoting the general welfare of the citizens.

The school is the social institution that is responsible in educating the citizens of the state with the things that are considered to be as basic important and beneficial in carrying out different functions in society.

The economic institutions are those institutions in society that are concerned on the production and distribution of goods and services to the people for consumption purposes. These institutions provide the people with the different material benefits and comforts.

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