The Processes Of Carbon-oxygen Cycle In The Environment

There are many cycles that are present in nature. All of these cycles occur naturally and are important in maintaining the balance of our environment. One of these cycles is the Carbon-Oxygen cycle.

There are two basic life processes in the carbon-oxygen life cycle; these are the respiration and the photosynthesis. Oxygen is very much important among many organisms in the planet. The aquatic organisms use to acquire oxygen that is dissolved in the water while the terrestrial organisms acquire oxygen directly from the atmosphere.

In the process of respiration, the organic compounds are oxidized and form the compound of carbon

dioxide and this is now release to the environment.

During the process of photosynthesis, oxygen element is released to the environment. This is done as the green plant takes water and carbon dioxide from the environment and forms carbohydrate.

In the cycle of Carbon-Oxygen, the plants and the animals synthesize the organic compounds from the carbohydrates that are produced in the photosynthesis. The organic compounds transfer from the producer to the consumer and it retain in the bodies of the organisms until they die. After the organisms die, the carbon dioxide is release back to the environment as the remains of the organisms are decomposed.

Some other amount of oxygen and carbon can be found on coal, petroleum as

well as on the other fuels. These are formed from the series of chemical changes; the processes of these changes remove some of the carbon from the cycle. However, the carbon dioxide is restored in the cycle; this is done as coil, oil and some other fuels are exposed to the surface and burned. The process is done as coils, oils and other fuels are drilled and mined; geological changes are also one of the factors as these expose the many forms of fuels into the surface.

Carbon is also release into the air and joins with oxygen forming carbon dioxide during a volcanic eruption.

Oxygen is an important element for the living things. Without oxygen, it is impossible for humans and animals to breath. Without oxygen, there will be no life on the planet. We need oxygen in order to live.

Carbon dioxide is use to produce oxygen. As humans and animals release carbon dioxide on air; the plants use this compound and eventually manufactures this into oxygen again to be use by the humans and animals. This process occurs continuously and naturally in nature.

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