Hints In Selecting A Subject In A Speech

In selecting the subject of a speech, one should consider three important terms; the subject, the purpose and the motives.

The Subject is the thing that the speaker wanted to talk about. The Purpose defines what the speaker proposes to the audience and the Motive embodies the reason of the speaker why he or she chooses the subject.

The subject of the speech is sometimes determined in different situations. In the courtroom or in the legislative oratory, the subject of a speech as well as its purpose is commonly determined ahead of time.

In the general oratory, the subject of the speech is

sometimes suggested by the occasion. It could also be determined by the purpose that was previously fixed by the orator.
Sometimes the purpose and the subject of a speech are left to the choice of the speaker himself.

In general considerations however, the speaker should choose the subject within the speaker’s range of development; within the range of his or her personal knowledge or in the range of her personal experience. The subject

in speech should also be suitable according to the occasion and it should also be adapted to the speaker’s purpose itself.
After choosing the right subject for the speech, it should be narrowed to make it simple. This should be done to suit the time limit of the speech as well as in the interest and capacity of the readers.

The subject of the speech may sound interesting to the audience if the subject of the speech vitally concerns their affairs or it is concern about the solution of a definite problem. The subject could also be sound interesting if it is new and timely and if there is a conflict or a new opinion that deals unto it.

Furthermore, when choosing the subject for a speech, the speaker should consider his own knowledge and interest, or in the subject in which he had personal experiences.

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