Importance Of Furniture Design And Its Safety In Elementary Schools

Furniture provides convenience in our household; chairs, tables, cabinets and many others, all are very much useful to us. These materials are not only found in homes as different establishments such as offices, schools and many others use these stuffs for varieties of applications.

In school, the prominent furniture in use are the tables, the chairs and the cabinets. All of these are very much useful for the learners. Tables are utilized specially in the kindergarten and in the elementary schools as these provides working spaces for the students. The chairs are where the students sit, and the cabinets are use

as storage for different learning materials.

The students in the kindergarten and in the elementary level have different characteristics as compared to other learners in the higher years. These types of learners are still in their childhood years; meaning they behave differently from adults.

Usually, learners at this age moves around frequently; they are naturally attracted with the physical environment which surrounds them and with these, they are prone to physical harm.

This is the reason why the kindergarten and the elementary learners, specially the students in the lower elementary years should be protected in a safe learning environment.

Safe learning environment means having the learners away from these objects that could possibly harms them.

With this, it is very important to consider that the furniture that are used inside the children's classroom

address this matter.

In this consideration, the table, the chairs, the cabinets as well as the other furniture related materials and school supply should be designed in such a way that these are harm free.

An example is that the design should avoid those pointed section in the furniture that could possibly trigger any physical harm.

Another are the materials where the furniture are made and how the furniture are made. There are those materials which are good at first but eventually, as time goes on can be harmful in any means. The quality of the furniture should also be considered; some furniture are poorly made, making some parts to detached easily and eventually could trigger harm.

Teachers and school authorities should ensure that all the material inside the classroom including the furniture will not cause any troubles, as far as the safety of the learners are concerns.

Safety should be maintain in school specially in the lower years wherein the learners are still in their young age. Learner's safety is not for teachers only, it must also be a concern of all the parties including the school administrators and the parents of the learners as well.

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