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The Different Characteristics of Living Things
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Living things have different characteristics; these characteristics are the cellular organization, movement, irritability, metabolism, growth, reproduction, and adaptation.

The living things have cellular organization. Every living organism has a cell, considered to be as the structural and functional unit. There are organisms that are composed only of one cell while there are organisms that use to have many cells.

The cell has a living matter which is called as the protoplasm; it is consist of a cell membrane, cytoplasm and a nucleus. Each of these parts has different functions and contributes in the general function of the cell. The Cells organized forming a tissue, the tissues organized forming an organ, the organs are further organized into systems and this made the different systems of the body.

The living things show movements. One of the characteristics of the living organisms is the ability to show locomotion; referred as the ability of the organism to move. There are structures that help the living organisms to move; these structures are the cilia, flagella, pseudopodia and the muscles. The plants which are also a kind of living organism have different movements from the animals. Their movements tend to be slower and limited as compared to the animals.

The living organisms can manifest irritability or to respond from whatever external stimuli they used to be irritated. Irritability is defined here as the ability of the organisms or living things to react to different factors of the environment such as the temperature, the pressure, the light, tension, chemicals, gravity and other else.

Like the characteristic of movements the plant organism differs from the animal organism in the aspect of irritability. The animal organisms respond to the external stimuli more sensitive than the plants.

The living organisms have the process of metabolism; this is the sum total of all the chemical reactions that the organisms take.

The living organisms show growth development; it is the increase in the organism’s size as well as on the numbers of cells. The growth in the organism is also called as intussusceptions.

The living organisms also perform reproduction; this is the ability to produce new living organisms that resembles that organism in particular.

The living organisms also perform adaptation; adaptation is the organism’s ability to adapt to the environment in order for a particular it to survive. Every living organism undergoes modification making it suitable and well adapted to its environment.

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