The Two Kinds Of Descriptive Composition

There are different types of writing or composition; there are the Narrative type, the Argumentative type and others. Among of these types of writing is the Descriptive composition.

 It is a kind of composition wherein the pictures of objects, persons or scenes are presented in written words or language. It is a kind of composition where the writer described something.

Descriptive composition appeals to the feelings and emotion of the readers. It further appeals to the different senses of man most primarily to the sense of sight. It also appeals to the understanding of the readers; that is why Description also serves

as an aid to the Expository Composition.

There is what we call as Sensory Experiences and these are very effective to be used in the descriptive process. The sensory experiences are the things that we smell, we taste, we touch, we hear and we see. Using these sensory experiences writers provides an effective way of writing or composing description composition as it makes the readers understand and relate what the author is trying to say.

The two kinds of description are the Artistic Description also known as Suggestive, Evocative and

Literary Description; and the Informative Description also known as Scientific and Technical

Description. These two kinds of description share some common aspects but they have some different features.

Artistic Description appeals to the sense of beauty by stimulating the reader’s

emotion and imagination. It also aims to give pleasure to the readers. The artistic description provides an additives and enhancement to the descriptive process. This type of description aims to make the composition more appealing to the readers.

Informative Description represents the every detail of the appearance of a person, place or objects with photographic accuracy for identification purposes. The Informative Description reveals what is the reality in particular with the physical aspects. It describes exactly what the author had seen, what exactly he or she had smelled, what he or she had felt or experienced, giving emphasis to physical aspects or considerations.

Writing a composition has different styles, depending upon the objective, aim or goal of the writer or the author. It depends upon what he or she is trying to say and it depends upon how he will portray it to his or her audience or readers.

In a descriptive type of composition, the writer or the author aims to describe something. This type of composition is a good style to be used in making the readers to imagine; especially when giving an emphasis to the physical feature of an object.

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