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Some Principles of Learning
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There are some principles of learning according to Horne and pine (1990):

Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner. This principle states that learning is greatly dependent upon the individual; on how he or she is going to respond unto the knowledge that comes from the outside. This could be influence depending upon an individual’s motivation to learn, upon his or her capacity to learn, or upon his interest to learn. With this there will be a less amount of learning that will take place if the learner is not interested to participate in the process.

Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevant ideas. This principle states that the learning process is very much active when the subjects or the ideas to be thought are personally relevant and meaningful to the learner him/herself. When the subject or idea are personally meaningful and relevant to the idea of the learner, he or she him/herself eventually deals with these easily.

Learning (behavioral change) is a consequence of experience. This principle states one of the saying that says “experience is the best teacher”. Because of the experienced of the individual, a learning or behavioral change occurs. This showcases the role of experience of the learning process of an individual.

Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process. This principle states that learning could also come across social cooperation. In here, learning develops as an individual develops his or her own intellectual potentials as he or she associates others.

Learning is an evolutionary process. This principle states that behavioral change or learning requires time and patience. In here, learning is associated in a step-by-step process that happened in a span of time. It is like an evolution, a certain development that happens through time.

Learning is sometime a painful process. This principle states that an individual could learn by undergoing a painful process; hence “no pain, no gain”. There are some parts of learning that requires painful experiences; but one could learn through these experiences. An example for this is changing the way of an individual’s lifestyle to a new one; such as quitting to smoke. This could be painful to an individual allowing him/her self to forget something and learn to do the new one.

One of the richest resources for learning is the learner himself.

This principle states that the first element in order for the learning to be successful is the learner himself. The success of the learning is dependent upon the interest of the learner as well as in his/her capability to learn.

The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual. This principle states that learning undergoes emotional as well as intellectual processes. As learning is affected by the total sate of the individual, ones emotional attributes take parts on the learning development. Learning is an intellectual process as what had been learned is stored in one’s mind or intellect.

The process of problem-solving and learning are highly unique and individual. This principle states that learning processes are highly engaged in problem solving wherein what was learned can eventually be used in order to solve problems. Upon problem-solving processes, the tendency to learn more is also possible.

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