What Are the Common Drafting Tools And Equipment Used in Drafting?

There are many kinds of tools and equipment used in drafting. Every tools or equipment have their own special function.

There are many kinds of tools and equipment used in drafting. Every tools or equipment have their own special function.

One of these is the Drawing Board; it is in this board where the drawing paper is placed. Here, the paper should be fastened with adhering tape to prevent the paper from any movement. It measures 24 x 36 inches and made with a smooth surface. The edge of the drawing board serves as the base of the triangle when projecting line or lines in the different angles. Using the T-square the edge of the board could be used as a guide in creating horizonta

l lines.

The Triangles are used to project lines from a horizontal base, projecting isometric drawing as well as lines in an oblique drawing. It is usually made from light transparent celluloid materials.

T-square is primarily used in projecting horizontal lines. The T-squares head could be detached or fixed. The lower edge of the T-square maybe used as a guide for cutting. The blade on its upper edge is called as the working edge. It is commonly made from celluloid materials with its straight edge and wooden blade.

The Protractor is commonly made from celluloid plastic. This instrument has a calibrated angle or degree ranging from 0 degree to 360 degree. It is primarily use to plot angles on the drawing.

The Drawing Pencil is used to sketch drawings. There are different kinds of drawing pencil. They varies or classified in accordance with their grade of softness as well as in the hardness of their lead.

The Technical Pencil is commonly used to finalize a sketch. The point of the technical pencil is classified in accordance with the thinnest of lines. The finest line came from the smallest pin calibration.

The French curve is usually used in order to project some irregular shape of curve in a particular drawing. These irregular shapes are made from various geometric curves.

The Scale is usually used for measuring. With the used of this instrument, it is possible for us to reduce or enlarge the measurement of the drawing. The scale has metric and English calibration systems and graduated in decimals, feet as well as in inches.

The Template is an instruments that has different shapes, holes as well as designs. It is used as patterns in projecting drawings of different shapes.

Compass, this instrument is used to draw circles as well as arcs or it can also be used as base drawing in projecting lines.

Eraser, this instrument is used to erase unwanted marks on the drawing paper. It is usually made up of rubber.

Drafting Tape, the drafting tape is used to fasten the paper on the drawing board to prevent it from moving.

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