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Things that Affect the Growth of the Plants in the Gardens
Published By varron on 2010-11-30 70 Views

There are many factors that affects the growth of the plants in the garden. These factors are the water supply, flood control,soil fertility, the need for open sun, air circulation and the size of the garden.

It is very important that the vicinity where the garden is located has an easy access to water. Water is a necessary element needed by plants like humans and animals do. The availability of water is so much important throughout the entire year or specially during the dry season.

Flood control in the garden’s vicinity is also needed. Flooding might cause damage to the plants and could wash out newly planted seedlings. Flood control could be done by proper cleaning of the drainage specially before the rainy season will come. It is also important to choose land that is slightly slope, this is to provide a water way or for the water to flow out.

The fertility of the land to be cultivated should also be considered. Some plant diseases are associated with the acidity of the land or soil they are in to. The growth of the plants can also be attributed to the soil condition. The clay loam soil is good for the plants like vegetable crops. Clay loam soil are reasonably balance, having a mixture of sand, clay and organic materials.

The garden needs also to have an area of open sun. As the plants need the sun’s heat, the garden site must be properly planned to receive sunshine throughout the whole day.

The heat of the sun is crucial for the growth and development of the plants as its heat is needed for the manufacture of their own food. In the process of photosynthesis, the sun’s light gives energy in order to combine carbon dioxide and water to form sugar.

Air circulation is also an important factor. The strong winds are not suitable for the growth of young plants. Strong winds might blow the area which could eventually damaged the plant. It is recommended that the site of the garden must be built in the areas that are near or have a natural windbreaks such as houses, trees and others.

The size of the garden should also be considered. The size of the ordinary garden has an approximate area of fifty square meters. These area is sufficient to contain ten plots for every one meter by four meters. Overcrowding of plants should be avoided to ensure proper growth of the plants.

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