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The Tails and Composition of Comets
Published By varron on 2011-12-01 88 Views

There are different bodies in the outer space; the planets such as our very own Earth, moons stars, asteroids and comets belong to these bodies.

These bodies have different forms, elements, composition as well as characteristics and these are all fascinating and wonderful creation.

“Aster Kometes”, this is the Greek word where the word comets originated; in English it means “long haired star”. In reality comets are not stars, rather they are planetary bodies are made up from dust particles, rocks, metals and frozen gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane.

Comets have extremely elliptical objects and because of this, the comets are sometimes close to the sun and sometimes these bodies are from it.

Comets have irregular shapes and they are having several kilometers in diameter. The tail of the comet is long, stretching to the length of millions of kilometers. They may appear curved or dagger-like if the comets are composed of dust particles. They may appear straight if the comets are made up from charge gases.

The tails of comets are classified into two kinds; the plasma tail and the dust tail. The color of the plasma tail is blue while the color of the dust tail is either yellow of white.

The longest tail of a comet that ever recorded is that of the great comet of 1843 which stretched from the Sun to a distance beyond Mars.

Comets are in two kinds; the short period and the long period. The short period comets revolve around the Sun for less than 200 years while the long period comets revolve for more than 200 years.

Comets are one of the amazing bodies in the sky whom some of us attributed to superstitious belief. The ancient people believe that the existence of comets in the sky serves as signs and brings message to the people such as fortune and others.

There are some people who say that you can wish upon the comets, as they believe that these are falling stars and comets have the capability to grant wishes.

Scientifically as discussed, these are not really stars but rather they are just planetary bodies that are made up from dust particles, rocks, metals, as well as frozen gases.

However, the existence of comets particularly in the night sky brings a wonderful experience to anyone who used to see it. It shows the natural and wonderful creation of the universe.

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