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The Size of the Largest Animal On the Planet Earth
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It is very difficult to weigh a Blue Whale because of its tremendous size. Usually most of the Blue Whale that where killed by the whalers were not weigh in whole. They were usually cut into pieces first before they are weighed. Due to the loss of blood and other fluids from the whale's body,it cause an underestimation of the total weight of the Blue Whale.

Measurement between 150 to 170 metric tones or 170 to 190 short tones nevertheless were recorded in animals which up to 27 meters of 89 feet in length. The American, National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML) believed that the normal weight of a 30 meters or 98 feet individual is to be in excess of 180 metric tones or200 short tones.

NMML was able to measure the largest blue whale to date accurately.It was a female Blue Whale
weighed about 177 metric tones or 195 short tones.

The largest animal ever known to live the planet is the Blue Whale. Even the largest known dinosaur
of the Mesozoic Era, the Argentinosaurus which has an estimated weight of up to 90 metric tons was considered as smaller than the Blue Whale.

The Amphicoelias Fragillimus,a controversial vertebra believe to be an animal of 122 metric tons of 134 short tons and 40 to 60 meters and 130to 200 feet still considered as smaller than the Blue Whale.

Another not popularly known animal is the Bruhathhkayosaurus that range from 140 to 220 metric tons or 150 to 240 short tons,and has an estimated length of 35 meters or 150 feet, and the extinct fish Leedsichthys that were also believed to approached the size of the Bruhathhkayosaurus were still considered as smaller creature than the Blue Whale.

In record, the longest Whales were two females. They measures about 33.6 to 33.3 meters or 110 to 109 feet respectively. The longest Blue Whale recorded by the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML) scientist was a whale measuring about 29.9 meters or 98 feet.

The tongue of the Blue Whale weighs an around 2.7 metric tons or 3.0 short tons. The mouth of the Blue Whale can hold up to 90 metric tons or 99 short tons of water and food.

The Blue Whale cannot swallow a very huge object. The dimension of its throat is very much small that it cannot swallow an object wider than a beach volleyball.

The Whales Heart weighs about 600 kilograms or 1,300 lb. Its heart is the largest heart as compared to those all of the animals. The Blue Whales aorta has a diameter of about 23 centimeters or 9.1 inches.

A newborn whale or a whale calf is capable of drinking an approximately 400 liters or 100 U.S gallons of milk daily,during their first seven months. They quickly gain weight. They increase their weigh foe about 90 kilograms or 200 lb. in just 24 hours.The Blue Whale already weigh up to 2,700 kilograms or 6,000 lb. even at their birth.


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