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The History of the Beginning of Biology
Published By varron on 2011-02-27 66 Views

Biology begins its history in the ancient Greece. The Greeks are considered to be as the first known Biologist. According to some sources, the Greeks begin their biological investigation in about 500 B.C. At first the Greeks believe that it is their Gods who controlled everything that are part in nature.

The Greek philosophers are the particular individuals that are known to be as the biological scientist of the ancient Greece. These philosophers believe that a certain individual should investigate to be able to find some answers to his/her questions about the nature that surrounds him/her.

To be able to do this, he/she must use his/her ability of reason and must reason out to be able to understand the life as well as the nature. Aristotle is one of the greatest philosophers and is considered as the father of Biology because of some of the remarkable contribution he had made from its early beginning.

In his biological studies, Aristotle analyzes the heart, the brain as well as the other part of the animals. He correlated the functions of the heart as well as the brain to the feelings and emotions of human from its-warming and cooling function.

Another contributor in Biology is a Roman physician named Galen. Galen is considered as one of the greatest authorities as far as the human anatomy is concern. He got his knowledge from the dissection of animal body. The Barbary ape became his best model in his description with regards to the human anatomy.

Andres Vesalius is also great contributor in biology. The books made by Vesalius was said to have set the new as well as the considered lasting standards in the field of the anatomy science. William Harvey also provides a big contribution in biology. Harvey is an English physician who studies the circulation of blood as well as in determining the functions of the blood vessel and the heart.

Other contributors are Rene Dutrochet, Robert Hooke, Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, and J. Watson and F. Crick. Rene Dutrochet and Robert Hook discovered the cell, Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope and J. Watson as well as F. Crick discovered what we call now as the DNA that is considered as the blue print of life.

These individuals made some remarkable contributions in the science of biology. There are still other people who made some contribution that eventually brought the development on this field of science.

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