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The Different Systems of the Human Body
Published By varron on 2010-12-21 635 Views

The Human body is composed of several systems. Although these systems function differently, they work together in accordance with their role inside the human body.

These different systems are the Integumentary System, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic and Immune System, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Endocrine System and the Reproductive System.

The Integumentary System functions to protect the body, receive sensory input, help control body temperature and synthesized vitamin D.

The Cardiovascular System functions to transport the blood, the nutrients, the gases and the waste. It also defend us against certain diseases and it helps to control the body temperature, fluid as well as the pH balance.

The Lymphatic and Immune System help to control the fluid balance in the body. They also absorb fat as well as defending the body against certain diseases.

The Digestive System functions to ingest the foods that we eat. It is responsible for digesting the foods as well as in the elimination of the human waste.

The Respiratory System functions in maintaining our breathing processes. This system is the one that is responsible in exchanging gases at the lungs and tissues in the body. It also helps in controlling pH balance.

The Urinary System functions to excrete the metabolic wastes inside the human body. It also helps in controlling fluid balance as well as it also helps in controlling the pH balance.

The Skeletal System functions to support the body. It also functions to protect the body parts. The skeletal system also stores minerals and produces blood cells.

The Muscular System functions to move the body parts and the internal organs as well as maintains body posture. This system of the human body also produces heat.

The Nervous System functions to receive sensory input as well as it integrate and store inputs. It also initiates motor output as well as it helps in the coordination of the organ system.

The Endocrine System is the system of the human body that is responsible in producing hormones. It also helps in coordinating the organ system as well as it responds into stress.

The Endocrine System also helps in regulating the fluid as well as the pH balance in the body. This system also contributes in regulating metabolism in the human body.

The Reproductive System is the system that is responsible in producing gametes as well as in transporting it. It also produces sex hormones and it nurtures and gives birth to offspring in the females.

These are the different systems of the human body. They functions differently and they are all important in different body processes.


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